Counter-v Todo Para Counter Strike
  Mods Del Hal Life
Bueno Gente aca les dejo los mod del half-life. ! espero que les guste: xd

Half Life 1.6 [Viene con mods Ricochet, DMC, TFC]:

Oppossing Force [requiere Halflife o CS 1.6 FULL]:

HalfLife Blueshift [requiere Halflife]:

Digital Paintball [Requiere HalfLife o CS 1.6 FULL]:

Counter Strike Source [no requiere HL2]:

Half Life 1.5 + CS + Mods y demas:

Ricochet [Requiere HL o CS 1.6 FULL]:

Deathmatch Classic [Requiere HL o CS 1.6 FULL]:

Team Fortress [Requiere HL o CS 1.6 FULL]:

Parche CS Source Protocol 7:
Dlls [Por si no funciona HalfLife 1.6, CZ, Oppossing Force, Blueshift, TFC, DMC, Ricochet]:
Bots Team Fortress:
Bots Deathmatch Classic:
Bots Oppossing Force:
Bots HalfLife:
Bots Ricochet:

Ok , eso es todo Chauu ! bi tiiesto.!

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